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About us

Commedia is a community media organization and a community radio station (Lemoni Radio).

Founded in 2020, Commedia is the continuation of TOKKA (founded in 2009), of Cyprus Community Media Centre – CCMC (founded 2010), and of MYCYradio (founded in 2015, where Lemoni Radio is its continuation).

Commedia offers media and media literacy training; organizes seminars, trainings and events; produces audiovisual productions; acts as a platform for social, artistic and musical projects; runs and partners-up with social actors and international projects.

It is a multicultural and multilingual organization, aiming for social inclusion by enabling all and marginalized segments of the society to get their voice out. Commedia and Lemoni Radio holds all-round media literacy and skills training, and sets radio stations aiming in representing all communities living in Cyprus.

Cyprus Community media

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